Message From The President

It’s time to start thinking about the 2014 National Reunion that will be held in Richmond, Virginia.  I’m looking for 10 volunteers to serve on the committee.  If you would be interested, please contact me either by email, or by phone –  XXXXXXXXXX.

I will be contacting the Richomnd Visitors Bureau and starting the process of looking at the hotels in the area.  I will be planning a trip to the area this year to look things over.  The exact date of the next reunion will be set soon along with a logo for the event.

I have a feeling that we will have more Stovall’s interested in attending this next reunion.  It would be helpful if the word was spread now and they became members.  When dealing with the hotels I cannot assume that we would have more attending.  We are responsible for the rooms we do not sell and I will not be planning for huge numbers when signing the contract if I do not know.  I know about the numbers that attend the first reunion in Richmond, but hotel policies are not the same as they were then.  So, please, spread the word and get those family meembers to become members now.  This will be the reunion that members attending would sign up for immediately when the hotel rooms become available.

DSL is stepping down as a Director due to health problems.  We want to thank her for her great service to the Assocation.  We will keep her in our prayers for her improving health.  The officers and Directors will select the person to fill this position and that information will be available inthe next Journal.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.